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Friday, May 1, 2009

No Dictionary, No Problem!

I am so impressed with our seven year old, Solomon!  Unfortunatly, Solomon has inherited--perhaps even improved upon--my complete inability to spell.  I know no other person who can read (and comprehend) the original Swiss Family Robinson but still needs reminders on how to spell 'office.' 
When we moved last winter, our dictionary was packed up with many other rarely used books.   It still lies buried at the bottom of a box in our basement.   So I was quite surprised when almost all the words on Solomon's Private Eye sign were spelled correctly.  (He is starting a Private Eye business--if you know Solomon this will come as no surprise).  He looked them up in his copy of Calvin and Hobbes, based on his memory of the comic!  Everything he thought to look up was correct.  Time to dig out that dictionary.           

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