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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Day Parade 2016!

This one is nearly all pictures folks.  We were lucky enough to make it out to the May Day Parade this year.  It was a gorgeous day for it.  In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater has been hosting this community event for the last 42 years.  It is a Minneapolis institution.

'We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.'

Symbiosis in nature represented by the crab and the anemone.

Native dancers and stilt dancers mesmerize.  

The spectacle of the parade is amazing.  Every year.  There is no candy.  The only 'swag' my children received from parade goers were two small balls of clay.  Nonetheless, Ariadne (age four) declared 'this parade is awesome!' The people watching is pretty great too.

While I hesitated to post pictures of perfect strangers who did not put themselves out there by marching in the parade, I will post pictures of their intriguing bikes.

African drumming and dance.

A loon, bison, and so many other Minnesota animals.

 Tribute to and celebration of Prince.

Enjoying the day...Once the parade was over, we gathered with about 50,000 other people in Powderhorn park.  Much more relaxing than it sounds.

Pluck a ribbon from the basket, walk (or run) the labyrinth, tie your ribbon to the tree, stir the water from a sacred spring.  Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat.

Thousands gather on the hill waiting for the pageant that brings the sun across the lake, symbolizing the return of spring. We did not quite make it to this part of the day, but did see some from the other shore.  (The picture from the top of the post, but now in context).  A reason to come back next year.

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