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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Solomon's 13th Birthday

At the end of July Solomon turned thirteen.  TEEN.  It didn't seem that different at first.  He is a pretty happy kid.  Sensitive.  Likes his family (even his parents!).  

As I write this, Solomon is closer to fourteen than thirteen, and we are really starting to see changes.  He is taller.  I think his voice dropped three or four pitches last week alone.  Anytime I say 'kids' he reminds me that he is no longer one of those.  Though I protest, maybe he is right.  Things that have been a struggle for months--keeping his books together, remembering assignments, remembering the sequence of long pieces of music--are suddenly no problem anymore. Maturity--it is coming!

We started Solomon's thirteenth birthday off at the farmers' market with all his sisters.  But later on he got both parents to himself. On the advice of an aunt of mine from a large family, Charles and Solomon and I went out, just the three of us.  We went to a Korean fusion restaurant. We talked and enjoyed a little sunshine.  At home we got in a game of Dominion.    

On the weekend, we had family over to celebrate.  This year he requested to help make his birthday dinner.  Given that, I made him an apron as part of his birthday present.  He is a fan of lobster, so it seemed appropriate that they be on there. 

Everyone pitched in with the birthday preparations. Ariadne helped with the birthday cake.  This year it was chocolate vanilla caramel marble cake.  

Nova was in charge of the birthday mural.  


The spices were all Solomon's idea.  I do not remember what they were, but I remember they were good! (And that there were a lot of them).

This was the year of comparing height with Grandma--both of them.  As you can see, he is quite close with both of them.  By 13 1/2, it was no longer close.  At 5' 10'', only Grandpa John is taller now.

Reader that he is, we got Solomon a Kindle for his birthday.  He was very pleased.

A few weeks later Solomon had several friends over for a water fight and sleepover.  Solomon has had more or less the same party for three years in a row now.  It is interesting to see how these guys change little by little. This year there was less water fight and more video games.  The movies are getting a little bit more grown up. Last year they watched Ghostbusters, this year it was Super 8. I think they actually slept some this year. Nova is still getting in on some of the party, but not as much.

Here the boys are enjoying the 'fire' they never quite got around to building.  Maybe next year.

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