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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Solomon Turns Eight!

On Monday, Solomon turned eight!  I can't quite believe it, though he certainly looks the part.  A recent growth spurt has put him level with my collar bone, and a few weeks go someone mistook my sandals for his (we don't actually were the same shoe size yet, but at a glance it is hard to tell).  

His birthday started with a leisurely breakfast and a bath, and then he was off to fiddle camp, which happened to start Monday as well.  I heard that everyone sang him happy birthday at lunch and that fiddle camp was "great!"  That was welcome news to Charles and me.  Solomon has been home schooled since first grade, and we found ourselves with a case of parents' first day of school jitters as we packed his lunch and stuck labels on his belongings.

While the birthday boy was at camp, Nova and I put the finishing touches on his present. 
Tonight we get to hear what he has been playing and even dance along at the camp's finale.    

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