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Sunday, October 20, 2013

More of What We Did Last Summer

Summer is always a good time for visiting.  While my sister was in town we made a trip to Zumbrota to visit our grandparents.  The kids all piled on the couch to get a picture with their GGs. We took the opportunity to look at outfits GG Rose has from different  eras, since it pertains to what Brynn is studying (and a little dress up is always fun too, isn't it?).  As it turns out, everything that our grandmother used to wear fit Brynn perfectly.  Here she is displaying the 'bat wings' of this late '70s pantsuit to Nova.  

As it turns out, our grandmother also had the outfit our great-grandmother wore to our grandparents'  wedding.  Everything was there--hat, shoes, purse and gloves--a rare find for a costumer.  So of course Brynn took pictures.  

We met our cousin Alyssa at the county fair.  The people who run the midway simply didn't show up this year.  About a dozen bouncy houses were brought in to substitute.  The next day Charlotte ended up on the front page of a local paper talking about the missing midway.

Our dad's side of the family had their annual Summer picnic while Brynn was in town as well.  It was at the farm this year, which was a lot of fun.  Charlotte and her cousin enjoyed pushing the wheel barrow full of wood back and forth, back and forth, making sure there were plenty of logs ready by the fire.  

Part of the picnic is a raffle.  This year Nova really, really, really wanted a pair of straw glasses that came with some strawberry milk...and she got them.  Lots of kids also enjoyed the bubbles.    

This side of the family still gets together for Christmas, but as it grows, we know it is only a matter of time before the logistics break up the party.  There are fourteen grandchildren spread across four sets of grandparents, with two more expected to arrive before the year is out.  But we do like getting together; toward the end of the picnic there was talk of family hikes and even a family camping trip.  

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